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11 Green Business Ideas - From My Moment Of Life

This can be seen at My Moment Of Life

THE FUTURE IS GREEN BUSINESS. If you haven’t caught on to this, you need to start paying attention. Global warming, as you have probably realized, is no longer speculation. It is real, and the consequences are approaching faster than anyone imagined. The American government has already dropped the ball, but, ironically, American capitalists are picking up that ball and running with it.

We are on the brink of what will be the biggest economic revolution in the world’s history. Those who catch on to this in time stand to make some serious bread, and what’s more, you can now make your millions and feel good about it. Starting your own business means no boss, you make your own hours, and you get the profits. Green business cater to customers who are committed to a cause. If you support that cause, they will be committed to you. Here is a list of eleven green business ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Eco-friendly House-cleaning. Use only non-toxic all-natural cleaning products. Brainstorm other ways to not only implement green standards but to inspire your customers to think green. For example, supply new customers with brochures that outline ways to save energy in the home, or you could even provide a list of local alternative energy installers who could assist them in taking the next step. House-cleaning is unique because it is up-close and personal, providing the opportunity to teach others how to have an eco-friendly home-life.

2. Hybrid or Biodiesel Taxi Service.

3. Green Remodeling Company. Another slant on this business for someone with a lack of construction knowledge or proper financing would be to broker out existing services. Be the middleman for the homeowner who wants to implement green living but doesn’t know where to start. Handle phone calls, haggle with the specific comapnies involved in the process, and coordinate the comings and goings of the laborers for a flat fee.

4. Bio-diesel Conversion Shop.

5. Organic Catering. Organic food is good for the environment not only because it avoids the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides but because organic foods are usually bought locally, which means less fuel burned for distribution.

6. Organic At-home Chef. As they say, staying in is the new going out! Go the extra mile with the at-home chef idea by keeping your clients involved and showing them hands-on how to prepare healthy, nutritious organic meals for themselves.

7. Organic Fast Food Restaurant. Many Americans don’t give up their usual eating habits because they don’t have time to cook and prepare their own meals with their fast-paced lifestyle. Give them an alternative that supports their fast-paced lifestyles allowing them to make necessary changes to their eating habits.

8. Eco-tourism Guide. Do you live in a tourist town? Set up a local guiding service or information serice showing how to see the local attractions with a minimal amount of impact and an up-close interaction with nature. Most tourist traps became popular due to natural beauty but have become focused on shopping and blowing money. Bring it back to the basics. Guide your tour to the local natural food restaurants. Implement bicycle rides, kayaking tours, and hiking trips. Include a tour of alternative-energy powered homes and businesses in your area. Get creative!

8. Bio-fuel or Hybrid Limo Service. The upper class will lead the green revolution because they already have the discretionary income needed to create change in their lives and are more than willing to communicate their beliefs through their spending power.

9. Bio-diesel Powered Hauling Service. With raging gas prices and environmental concerns looming, many people are opting for smaller vehicles to increase fuel mileage. Less trucks on the road means people will need to hire others to do their heavy work for them.

10. Solar Panel Installer. For training information, go to http://www.solartoday.org/2005/sept_oct05/dream_job.htm

11. Green Business Consultant. Many businesses want to change their ways but do not know where to start. Overlook their transformation and show them how to implement new strategies.

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. Any business can become a green business by changing simple strategies and offering slightly different products. Come up with a fresh approach no one has thought of yet or take a traditional home business idea and paint it green. As we proceed into the green revolution, the customers will come to you.

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