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The Bionic Woman Is Remade - Michelle Ryan Stars

I remember the Bionic Woman TV show from the 70s, as I watched it when it came on. Being a fan of the $ Six Million Dollar Man, it was easy to take to The Bionic Woman, but after a time, I liked it better than the show with Lee Majors.

It was more melodrama than action, which is fine with me. Plus, I liked the idea of a strong woman.

Now, we have a 21st Century remake of The Bionic Woman . But this one has the 22-year old English chick named Michelle Ryan from The East Enders, who plays a great Jamie Sommers.

The entire idea of the show is more -- sinister -- there's a top secret organization, not a government division this time. And the man who calls himself "her landlord" is not likable. Indeed, he's more like the original Oscar Goldman in the Six Million Dollar Man.

For more on the show, see the webpage at NBC.

Here's a video of a scene from the pilot that's going to air on NBC:

David Eick of Battlestar Gallactica's the executive producer. In the view below, he explains what he's trying to achieve:

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