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Garrison Keillor On Barack Obama - Gives His Endorsement

Folktale legend Garrison Keillor gives what reads as an endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for president when he remarked:

"Barack Obama is an outsider who found the center. He is completely new, a break from the old rhetoric; a guy who doesn't pummel the old straw men or seem put together by pollsters. He has youth, cool intelligence, an unabashed love of country, and it's exciting to imagine him in the White House.

"He is a rebel who got over himself and discovered the beauty of the American cadence. Not like the Current Occupant, who came from the privileged mainstream and is still flailing against it, the Iraq war his latest attempt to prove that he knows better than his father.

"People who are dubious about a Clinton Restoration are mighty taken with Senator Obama, who seems to hear the drummer the rest of us hear. The beautiful old tune about picking up our feet and redeeming our promise and bringing people back together. Eight years of corruption and deliberate ignorance. Time for the big dogs to move over and let the skinny dog run."

He said this in an article in the May 13th Minneapolis Tribune.

It's clear that

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