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Ron Paul Being Ignored By Mainstream Press and MySpace - Technorati

This isn't a post in support of Ron Paul, but a statement of fact; the mainstream press is trying to ignore this libertarian Republican who actually not just leading, but according to one account "demolishing" other Republican candidates in online polls.

According to an MSNBC poll, Ron Paul "stood out from the other candidates" according to a wild 47 percent of those who elected to answer the poll. There was no other close competitor. This bit of interesting news wan't even explained by MSNBC itself.

It's also reported that MySpace is paying no attention to Ron Paul's candidacy.

What's going on?

It's an attempt to manufacture consent by the mainstream media. But the simple fact that -- as of this writing -- he's the number one topic on Technorati means that eventually, they'll have to pay attention to him.

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