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Speed Racer and Mach 5 Come Alive In Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci's Live Action Movie

Ok. When I was a kid, I lived for the cartoon "Speed Racer" and wanted to have a car just like the Mach 5 . If you remember the show from the 60s, Speed was constantly in a battle for racing supremacy with Racer X. But more important to car freaks like me was the Mach 5 itself and what it could do. It had twin retractable cutting blades that allow it to slice trees in a forest.

With the push of a button the car could seal passengers and travel underwater, while a periscope allowed a view of the elements above water. The Mach 5 had a before-its-time robot homing pidigeon that could fly around and come back to the car. It had "super jacks" on all four wheels which permitted it not only to be lifted off the ground, but cause the car to jump over creeks and rivers. The tires were fitted with extendable special treads for ice-covered pavement driving. And finally, the thing was just plain cool to look at: sleek, long hood, arrow fenders that cut through the wind. The Mach 5 was the real star of Speed Racer.

Now, we have the live-action version of the cartoon, brought to you by Matrix directors the Wachowski brothers, produced by Joel Silver, and released by Warner Bros. Pictures. The Mach 5 will be an actual vehicle in the film. Instead of being driven on pavement, it will be hung from a crane and have its effects computer-generated. The real Mach 5 was unvealed last week and from what you see here, I think they got it right. Here's the car in this video:

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